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From The Issue: September/October 2019

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More From The Issue

FrameworkLTC 11th Annual User Conference

More than 300 customers attended the 2019 SoftWriters FrameworkLTC 11th Annual User Conference in Las Vegas. The three day conference included breakout sessions on...

American Society for Automation in Pharmacy 2019 Midyear Conference

The American Society for Automation in Pharmacy (ASAP) held its 2019 Midyear Conference in Washington, D.C. ASAP conferences bring together technology leaders, key pharmacy...

Blister Packs – The Best Packaging for Medication Adherence

Medication Adherence: A Common Struggle Medication adherence is a common struggle that can affect even the most alert and organized patients. No person is immune...

Long-Term Care Pharmacy: Then and Now

Recently, while attending a long-term care (LTC) software vendor’s customer conference, one pharmacist lamented that everything out there seemed to be trying to keep...

Reflections on Technology: Advances Since Apollo 11

It has been an exciting year celebrating the success of the Apollo 11 mission to the moon on July 20, 1969. Where were you...

Pharmacy PLUS Technology Blog

Four Ways Technology Can Boost Your Pharmacy’s Services

The writing’s on the wall: technology is revolutionizing the way pharmacies provide services. Fortunately, as a pharmacist, you can take advantage of these advances to improve your services and increase customer satisfaction. At ComputerTalk For The Pharmacist, we always have a finger on the pulse of the pharmaceutical tech...

Sonexus Hub Impact in Specialty Pharmacy Patient Journey

In this interview, Luis Portela, director of access and patient support at Cardinal Health Sonexus™ Access And Patient Support, explains how a hub provides clear pathways and tailored solutions to each patient during a treatment journey and why an important part of the care coordination around specialty drugs is communication.

Technology that Powers Pharmacist Role in Clinical Decision Support

Pharmacists’ expertise in clinical decision support is moving front and center to the hospital setting for reducing readmissions and increasing adherence rates. Reaching patients where they are and packaging prescriptions to take home reduce the gap in adherence rates. This is the opportunity to be part of a collaborative team...
Critical Health-System Pharmacy Systems: POS and AI Improve Patient Care

2 Critical Health-System Pharmacy Systems: POS and AI Improve Patient Care

Streamline health-system operations and improve profitability with 2 critical health-system pharmacy systems: POS and AI Improve Patient Care. Achieve goals that were always important to hospital pharmacies, but in the wake of COVID-19’s stresses to the healthcare system, there’s even more of a need to implement digital solutions.

Technology that Drives Innovative Health-System Pharmacy Services

Automation and technology solutions can answer the paramount need in health-system pharmacy for safety and accuracy, as well as improving outcomes. With these aspects automated, health-system pharmacists can practice at the top of their license.

Newest Trends in Pharmacy Delivery Services

There are a variety of barriers to care that pharmacies can help patients overcome. For example, drug costs can be a significant barrier for millions of Americans. Pharmacists can address this barrier by working with prescribers to make appropriate substitutions of lower cost medications. Actually getting into the pharmacy...

Adding CBD to the Front End of Your Pharmacy

CBD and CDB oil are a growing market, and there's no doubt that it will continue to grow in popularity in the years ahead. Adding CBD products to your pharmacy is a great way to tap into this trend and boost your bottom line