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From left, Rite Aid’s Jermaine Smith, CarePoint’s Sarah Salton, and Tabula Rasa HealthCare’s Tom Wilson

American Society for Automation in Pharmacy Annual Conference 2019

The American Society for Automation in Pharmacy held its 2019 Annual Conference on Kiawah Island. For more details about the upcoming ASAP Midyear Conference,...

Considerations for Opening a Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty pharmacy developed as a segment of pharmacy to meet the needs of patients who didn’t require hospitalization, but their medication, administration, training, and...

Pharmacy HIT Collaborative Updates Roadmap

The Pharmacy Health Information Technology (HIT) Collaborative released its updated integration roadmap in mid−November, entitled, “The Roadmap for Pharmacy Health Information Technology Integration in U.S....

Prescription-Only Mobile Applications

Our nation currently faces several epidemics, including the opioid epidemic, the obesity epidemic, and the epidemic of chronic illness. In 2015–2016, drug overdose deaths...

Success Through Technology

Bill Osborn, president of Osborn Drugs in Miami, Okla., has watched community pharmacy evolve for more than 30 years since he graduated with a...