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The ASAP Connection

ONE OF THE HALLMARKS of the American Society for Automation in Pharmacy (ASAP), in addition to its pioneering work in setting the reporting standard for...

In the Works: Major Change to the NDC Number

It may not be exciting or cutting-edge except to those of us in information technology, but the pharmaceutical supply chain and pharmacy profession’s operations...

Partnering to Educate Future Pharmacists

We both have young children. In the months leading up to their arrival, well-intentioned family and friends generously shared their advice and the experiences...

Miscellaneous Things to Ponder: Hospitals, Anxiety, and Amazon

Hospitals (Patient’s View)In the last few weeks I have spent time in a couple of hospitals. Once for me and a couple of times accompanying...

2018 NCPA Annual Conference

The National Community Pharmacists Association held its 2018 Annual Convention in Boston, Mass. Check here for news from the convention. Also, check for session slides and...

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