From The Issue: September/October 2020


90-Day Supply: A Growing Prescription Trend?

In this ComputerTalk Podcast, we talk with Eyad Farah, vice president and general manager of Health Mart Atlas, a pharmacy services administration organization (PSAO). Farah discusses a recent phenomenon in community pharmacy, which is a shift from 30-day to 90-day prescription refills. We address the following topics around 90-day fills, in the context of the […]

ComputerTalk Pharmacy Technology Podcast
ComputerTalk Pharmacy Technology Podcast
90-Day Supply: A Growing Prescription Trend?

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The Big Three

An article in the September issue of Harper’s Magazine titled “The Big Tech Extortion Racket” refers to Google, Facebook, and Amazon as the “middlemen.” The corporate business model in all three is about data ownership and the discriminatory practices that are used.

Tools and Tech for Pharmacists to Support Transitions of Care

Many variables in transitions of care must be considered in order to achieve the best outcomes for patients, minimize readmissions, and control costs. We would like to explore potential tools and resources that pharmacists can utilize in interventions that aim to ensure quality in transitions of care.
Long-Term Care: A New Set of Challenges Ed Vess Paul Baldwin

Long-Term Care: A New Set of Challenges

No sector of the healthcare industry has been affected more than long-term care over the past year. What are the keys to success going forward? Marketing your pharmacy‘s unique offerings – from vaccination programs to Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support and more – and continuing to push for provider status.
Six Things To Know About CPESN Networks Part 2

Six Things Every Pharmacist Should Know About CPESN Networks – Part II

Part two of a series on six things pharmacists should know about CPESN networks. EngageRx, latest step in the maturation of CPESN USA. Pharmacies in local networks must demonstrate they provide a core set of enhanced services. And every CPESN pharmacy must be capable of, and actively use, a pharmacy eCare plan.

Inactive Ingredients and Drug Therapy Safety

System quality measures are primarily, but not exclusively, based on the drug’s active ingredient(s). An increasing demand now exists to assess the safety of inactive ingredients.

Pharmacy PLUS Technology Blog

Automation to Transform Your Pharmacy and Create Customer Loyalty

by Thomas E. Hanzel, Pharm.D.With the correct automation solutions, long-term care pharmacies are using key features to customize service, keeping their pharmacies competitive.Today we live in a world that focuses on personalization. Creating a personal customized offering for your residents isn’t only important but essential. Gone are the days...

How BestRx Pharmacy Software Is Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic is progressing, BestRx is working diligently to help pharmacies stay safe, while providing the best care to their patients. In the last few weeks, we have rolled out a few features in response to the pandemic.Telehealth For PharmacyBetween social distancing and patients requesting delivery or...

Deploying Pharmacy Technology in the COVID-19 Response 

The industry continues its tremendous response to support pharmacies during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it’s NCPA (National Community Pharmacists Association) town hall calls, resources from organizations like CPESN (Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network) and the Avant Institute, or practical and continued support from your pharmacy vendor, the message is...
Micro Merchant Systems PrimeRx Pharmacy Software

Value-Add Interfaces Worth the Investment

The January/February 2020 issue of ComputerTalk took a look at the power of interfaces, and what was clear is that the value these tools can offer pharmacies really depends on what the pharmacist wants to accomplish -AMAZONPOLLY-ONLYWORDS-START-(you can read the story here).-AMAZONPOLLY-ONLYWORDS-END-That potential to add value to the pharmacy...
The Avant Institute is hosting two free webinars this week in response to the coronavirus crisis.

Free Webinars for Community Pharmacists on COVID-19 Testing, Telehealth

The Avant Institute is hosting two free webinars this week in response to the coronavirus crisis. The first is COVID-19 Testing & Independent Community Pharmacy on March 31 at 8 p.m. EST. The second is The Role of the Pharmacist in Telehealth and Remote Clinical Services on Wednesday, April...

COVID: As Crisis Grows Pharmacy Responds

ComputerTalk is based in Blue Bell, Pa., about 45 minutes from Center City Philadelphia. This area has been on stay-at-home orders for at least a week, and I’m sure many others are starting to experience this “new normal.” Pharmacy owners too are facing a new normal as one of...

The Future of Community Pharmacy: Datascan Integrates with CPESN for Developing eCare Plans

While many pharmacists feel they’re at the mercy of the behemoth PBM, there is still hope for each and every community pharmacy. Organizations like CPESN (Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Networks) are fighting to bring about industry-wide change. CPESN focuses on patient care services, helping bridge the gap between doctors and pharmacists.

More From The Issue

LTC: Weathering the Challenges Can Pharmacy Technology Help?

Traditionally, our September/October issue looks at trends in long-term care (LTC). This year the context may be different due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but in interviews with a variety of stakeholders, the foundation of LTC pharmacy — pharmacy systems, interfaces, and automation — has provided the resources to adapt to the new way of servicing facilities, and in some cases, this shift has created improvements that might not have come about otherwise.

COVID-19 Driving Pharmacy Automation

Multidose blisters with automation preparation serve to limit the touches during production and greatly reduce the bedside administration time for the caregiver.

LTC Pharmacy: In It for the Long-Term

Lou Ann Brubaker, president of Brubaker Consulting, talks about the shifts in long-term care and the impact on pharmacies and the pharmacy software they’re using.

Should Technology Be a Priority for Your LTC Pharmacy?

The right technology investment for a long-term care pharmacy can result in value-add services for clients while maintaining,
or even improving, the bottom line. Marc Johnson, key account director for long-term care at AmerisourceBergen, covers the three questions you should ask before integrating a new pharmacy technology solution.

SoftWriters at 20: It Starts with Relationships

As SoftWriters celebrates its 20th anniversary serving long-term care pharmacy, ComputerTalk’s Maggie Lockwood spoke with Tim Tannert, president, about the company’s commitment to its customers and the challenges facing the industry.

Six Things Every Pharmacist Should Know About CPESN Networks

by Bruce Kneeland
The goal to fill more prescriptions is no longer the primary path to success in pharmacy. In this second of a two-part series on CPESN, Bruce Kneeland outlines the training available, how to join a local network, the importance of eCare plans, and the ultimate goal of this program to gain pharmacists provider status.

Long-Term Care: A New Set of Challenges

by Ed Vess, R.Ph., and Paul Baldwin
No sector of the healthcare industry has been more affected by the COVID-19 pandemic than long-term care. As pharmacy adjusts, there are keys to potential success despite this once-in-a-lifetime event. Whether adding immunization programs or clinical services, pharmacy is in a unique position to define its strengths.


Tools and Tech for Pharmacists to Support Transitions of Care

Inactive Ingredients and Drug Therapy Safety

Deprescribing: A Tool for Cost Reduction and Improved Outcomes?