SoftWriters’ 7th Annual FrameworkLTC Users Conference

The SoftWriters staff shared updates with a record number of attendees at the conference in Las Vegas on the evolution of the core software as well as the rollout of the FrameworkECM content management and process automation system that was introduced last year. Breakout sessions offered attendees an in-depth look at different aspects of Framework functionality.
George Pennebaker, Pharm.D.

New Tools – Old Focus

I received a nice note from one of ComputerTalk’s readers regarding my comments about how face-to-face conversations are so important to patient care. They are what generate the positive emotional responses that are so important. Some thoughts about what has happened and how things look now.

How the Last 10 Years of Tech Can Help Prepare You Today

Ten years ago, RadioShack was celebrating its 84th year of being in business and was thought of by many as the “go to” place to see new technology. Even though they partnered with Sprint, they couldn’t command enough interest in this world today, where smartphones are the mainstream focus. Didn’t they know that the wearable technology and the Internet of Things was where everything was heading? Didn’t they know that Amazon was going to supply nearly every component of their inventory and ship it quickly without charging sales tax?
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The Impact of Patient Intelligence Tools on Healthcare

As technological innovations expand, the opportunities for healthcare are limitless. In the last five years, smartphones and Bluetooth technology have opened the door for a number of new patient intelligence tools, often referred to as consumer intelligence tools. The most popular patient intelligence tools are, undoubtedly, fitness trackers or wearables.

The Outlook for 2016

As the year winds down, it’s time for our annual look at what’s ahead for pharmacy technology. We focused this year on finding out how vendors see the dynamic between technology and critical areas of current pharmacy practice.

The Evolution of a System

For 35 years, Speed Script Pharmacy Management Systems and Services has provided a software system to pharmacists that addresses the needs and requirements of independent pharmacy by embracing change. In this interview, Heath Reynolds, Speed Script’s director of business development, shares the company’s excitement about the release of its new software.

The Opportunity in Specialty Pharmacy: Entrepreneurs Grow a Business

Pharmacy is a resilient profession, where opportunities exist in areas that allow forward-thinking owners to use their talents and energy to develop new revenue streams. In the case of specialty pharmacy, the requirements aren’t easy, but the technology is there for pharmacists to showcase their place in the market.

On the Cutting Edge of 340B: In-house and Real-time

To fulfill a business decision to move into 340B contract pharmacy in addition to operating as a 340B covered entity, Trillium Health executives asked for the ideal software to run the business, and their robotics vendor said, “We can do that.”

Specialty Pharmacy: A Growth Niche for Independents

Kevin Day, Pharm.D., executive resident at NCPA, gives an overview of the opportunity for independents to provide care within the growth of the specialty drug market.
Bill Lockwood, Chairman/Publisher

The Information Technology Evolution

Over the years we have gone from mainframes to minis to desktops to laptops and tablets. Now we are entering the “cloud” era — another transformation in how computing technology is deployed and used.