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The Future Is Coming — Finally

For too long pharmacists have been taking care of pills instead of patients. It looks like things are starting to change. The future is finally starting to happen.

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An Update on the Connected Patient Home

We have seen a sector of healthcare, previously known for its lack of technology adoption, begin a complete about-face. One overall term for this sector is the “connected patient.”
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Prognostications for 2014

We have compiled our annual predictions for what is ahead in 2014, including changes in reimbursement, more critical analysis of technology investments, and the impact of pharmacist supply.

Outlook 2014: The Road Ahead

ComputerTalk’s annual survey of the technology vendors shows that there’s a great deal being done by these companies to address trends for the coming year. Find out how the vendors see the trends developing, what new products are coming out, where they see pharmacy technology in a few years’ time, and more.

Filling Fast, Preventing Errors: Automation’s Role

Pharmacists face daily pressure to fill prescriptions quickly and accurately, while also interacting with patients and managing other day-to-day clinical and business tasks. Find out how two pharmacists have deployed robotics and counting automation and organized their dispensing process to minimize errors while maximizing speed.

When the Price Is Right

With so many variables to track, keeping up with your prescription pricing is no easy task. Hear how three progressive pharmacy owners are using an automated prescription pricing service to stay competitive, maximize third-party reimbursements, and increase profits.

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Notable Events in 2013

What are some of the events from the past year in pharmacy and healthcare that stand out the most?

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