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Why You Can – and Should – Establish a Collaborative Practice

Over the course of the year I've interviewed a number of pharmacists who have found ways to expand their practice beyond dispensing. One good...
SoftWriters 2018 Users Conference

SoftWriters 2018 Users Conference

Highlights of the conference included networking with peers, the SoftWriters team, and industry sponsors. SoftWriters sent one-third of their team to present, train, and...

Get the Support you Need: Pharmacy IT Services

Speed Script CEO Chuck Welch on services that pharmacists should ask if their vendor can provide.ComputerTalk: Can you share advice pharmacists could use...
Pharmacy Errors

Pharmacy Errors: 1,000x Too Many?

IN A PROFESSION WHERE THE expectation is 100% accuracy, the reality is inconsistent with this goal. Different values are cited across the internet, but by...

Your Software Vendor as Your Pharmacy IT Department

MOST PHARMACISTS KNOW their software vendors can write an interface. But there’s more to software than just having an interface installed. There is a whole...
Day's Miami Heights Pharmacy, Cincinnati, Ohio

Pharmacy Testing and Care Planning and Documentation Software

Once you’ve got your testing process up and running, you can begin thinking about other opportunities that stem from it, notes Kevin Day of...
Magnolia Pharmacy, Magnolia, Texas

Going Beyond POC: Having Success at Magnolia Pharmacy

There are also a whole group of tests that Magnolia Pharmacy offers that happen in the pharmacy, but have to be sent out to...

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Level Up: Patient-Centric Programs Key to Future of Pharmacy 

The message was clear during the QS/1 panel at the PDS Super Conference featuring customers Jason Turner and John Pugh: Scaling up programs that support a patient-centric pharmacy practice is not only doable, it’s the best way to guarantee that independent pharmacy will succeed in the future.

Flip the Pharmacy: A Fundamental Change for Community Pharmacy

In June 2019, the Community Pharmacy Foundation (CPF) and the Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (CPESN) announced a new dynamic program, Flip the Pharmacy (FtP). The goal of FtP is to provide the scale to “flip” pharmacy from a professionally unsustainable, point-in-time, prescription-level practice model to a professionally sustainable, longitudinal, patient-level practice model.

Keeping It Personal While Keeping Safe: Pandemic Response and Your Pharmacy POS System

Pharmacies are finding standard practices are being upended. In order to keep patients and staff safe, the transaction workflow must change to accommodate “social distancing.” A speedy transaction is more appreciated than ever. Your POS system can help with the efficiency. But you’re still the ingredient that makes it personal. Here are some ideas.

Key Features that Power Pharmacy Workflow Efficiency

With pharmacies being busier than ever these days, we polled system vendors and users to find out which software feature or application used increases operating efficiency. From developing new workflows to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic to revising steps to meet new business demands and goals, from how automation can impact workflow to how to work with your vendor to fine tune your pharmacy operations – Here’s what we found.

InfoWerks Offers 90 Days No Cost Hosting For Patient Data

Supporting community pharmacies during their time of need is the right thing to do. InfoWerks is ready to offering pharmacies 90 days of no-cost hosting for patient data to ensure business continuity.