Kevin Day, Pharm.D.

Once you’ve got your testing process up and running, you can begin thinking about other opportunities that stem from it, notes Kevin Day of Day’s Miami Heights Pharmacy in Cincinnati, Ohio. For example, many technology platforms are now offering pharmacy care plan capabilities that can be used to document the interaction and test results in a standard format that’s of value not just within the pharmacy, but to other providers as well. “If you start advertising a flu and strep testing program, you’re going to get a lot of people who walk into your store whom you’ve never seen before,” says Day. “You don’t have a profile for them in your pharmacy system, but you need to collect information on drug allergies and other disease states before you treat them.” That’s a great opportunity, but one that you have to be prepared to handle in a systematic way. “There is definitely a technology piece here that pharmacies need to be sure they’re considering,” he says. CT