McKesson ideaShare 2013

McKesson held ideaShare 2013 in Las Vegas, showcasing the company’s varied programs, its newest technology, and many partnerships designed to support independent community pharmacy.

Consider Building a Health Promotions Resource

People fail in their self-care management behaviors (including medication behaviors) for three reasons: (1) they don’t know what to do; (2) they don’t know how to do it; or (3) they are not motivated to do it.

Industry News July/August 2013

The latest pharmacy and technology news from Integra, QS/1, Epicor, PDX, Mirixa, Medicine-On-Time, emporos, Kirby Lester, Fruth Pharmacy, mscripts, Surescripts, Kerr Drug, Pharmacy First, NABP, RelayHealth, Digital Miracles, RxMedic, and Healthcare Data Solutions.
Bill Lockwood, Chairman/Publisher

E-Drug Labeling

The Government Accountability Office just released its report to Congress on electronic drug labeling, following extensive interviews with a number of industry stakeholders. There was no consensus reached on the advantages of electronic labeling over paper.

The Chain Report

Eighteen chains, representing close to 10,500 locations, provided input for this year’s chain market report. The responses give a quick look at where these chains are in their software and hardware deployment and the current state of clinical services; mobile and social technology; adherence programs; and current regulatory and operational challenges. We also found out what the chains’ top deployed technologies are and what their priorities are for the immediate future.

Some of the Best in the Great Northwest

In this first installment of two documenting a recent road trip, the author recounts visits to independent pharmacies in the Northwest. The goal was to uncover the business and technology strategies successful owners are using to help their pharmacies thrive. From a strong focus on the patient and the clinical to insightful front-end strategies, discover the range of ways pharmacists are keeping the independent spirit alive and well.
George Pennebaker, Pharm.D.

Track and Trace and Fail

The editors of ComputerTalk asked me to take a look at track and trace. I said OK, partly because the California State Board of Pharmacy’s e-pedigree committee had scheduled a meeting about it, and that would give me a chance to see some old friends and maybe even offer an observation or two.
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Starting a Refill Synchronization 

Refill synchronization is emerging as a new, innovative service for retail pharmacy. The service coordinates all of a patient’s maintenance prescriptions to be refilled on the same day each month.

A PBM of a Different Stripe: A New Player, New Rules

Edward Reynolds is in an unusual position. He’s the owner of Bainbridge Pharmacy in Bainbridge, Ga., he’s the mayor of the town, and he’s the chairman of the board and an investor in a new company that is bringing transparency to benefits administration. It turns out that you learn a lot when your role spans provider, sponsor, and administrator. Find out where Reynolds is seeing opportunity to reduce costs and improve plan design, all while keeping patients in the community pharmacy.