Pharmacies are finding that in addition to providing photographic documentation and improving the speed and accuracy of your prescription-dispensing operations, choosing Eyecon gives you a better ROI (return on investment) when performing inventory counts too. Why?

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Simple setup:

Setup can be completed in under a minute with Eyecon’s menu-driven setup. Simply specify the PMS (pharmacy management system) and a few other parameters. Eyecon’s inventory interface is supported by a half-dozen pharmacy systems, with another half-dozen in progress. Even without establishing a PMS interface, the Eyecon can capture inventory counts to a database and export the data in a CSV (comma separated values) format.

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Easy, intuitive operation:

Simply follow the prompts to scan a stock item to allow the Eyecon to look up the details for each item. Each Eyecon has over 190,000 drugs sourced from Wolters Kluwer Health’s Medi-Span database.

Full containers can easily be recorded by entering the quantity of containers or scanning each one to ensure they are identical.

Configurable to support either blind counts or apprise users of the on-hand position from your PMS.

Extreme accuracy:

With 99.99% counting accuracy when used as directed, Eyecon’s accuracy cannot be beat.

Instantaneous PMS updates:

Send count results to your PMS for immediate updates to your on-hand amounts, eliminating any chance for erroneous entries.

Customizable transaction type selections:

Eyecon is also capable of reporting transfers, returns, and other transaction types.

Reports easily exported:

Export CSV files for additional analysis and backup data.

Extended data capturing:

Eyecon can capture the lot and serial number, and expiration dates, when the new DSCSA (Drug Supply Chain Security Act)-mandated 2D barcodes are scanned.

Cycle counts:

A cycle count interface is also supported so that inventory management systems can send the list of drugs to be cycle-counted to the Eyecon, which then prompts the user to perform those counts faster and more accurately.