37 New Pharmacy Clients Using Datarithm Inventory Management

Datarithm has announced that 37 new pharmacy clients since January are using its pharmacy inventory management tools.

The Datarithm tools include automated wholesaler returns, store-to-store transfers, and automated monthly re-order point optimization. Together these have proven to reduce prescription drug inventories, improve turns, and elevate fill-rate levels. Datarithm automatically re-calculates optimal order points monthly for every item/group, based on changes in the pharmacy’s dispensing. These new order points are then automatically uploaded to the pharmacy management system. Datarithm also provides analytics for each location from the cloud.

In attesting to the value of the service, Bryan Kiefer, owner of three pharmacies in Missouri, says, “In the 10 months that we have been with Datarithm, our inventory has gone down 26%, or $175,000, for our two pharmacies using the service. We just do the minimum, and know that we can do more to further decrease inventory.” Kiefer’s third location is now scheduled for the Datarithm service.