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    <p class="Basic-Paragraph"><span class="Feat--body">Ahold USA</span><span class="Feat--body">&rsquo;s</span><span class="Feat--body"> Giant Carlisle </span><span class="Feat--body">division recently piloted a pharmacy in Selinsgrove, Pa., implementing the </span><span class="Feat--body">TCGRx Beacon </span><span class="Feat--body">inventory management system to help reduce the pharmacy&rsquo;s footprint while streamlining workflow and optimizing inventory management.</span></p>
    <p class="Basic-Paragraph"><span class="Feat--body">Giant Carlisle also plans to pilot the Beacon solution at its York, Pa., location, then evaluate other pharmacies across the division to pilot. Ahold USA supports four divisions that operate 581 pharmacies in 11 states across the northeastern United States. The Beacon&rsquo;s high-density shelving units present a cleaner, more organized pharmacy.</span></p>