The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) has announced recipients of the profession wide awards as part of the American Pharmacists Association 2022 Awards and Honors Program.

American Pharmacists Association 2022 Awards and HonorsHonorees were officially recognized at APhA2022, which was held March 18–21, 2022. The APhA Awards and Honors Program is the most comprehensive recognition program in the profession of pharmacy.

APhA2022 Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership in APhA is conferred by the Board of Trustees upon individuals, either within the profession of pharmacy or outside of it, whose activities and achievements have had a significant positive impact on public health, the pharmacy profession, and its practitioners. The recipients for 2022 are:

Joseph Janela, BA, CPA, of Fenwick Island, Del. Mr. Janela is recognized for contributions to revamping the financial process within APhA to allow the Finance Committee, Board of Trustees, and staff to be more agile in adjusting to areas of improvement and capitalize on growth areas.

Additionally, he was integral to developing processes that led the Board of Trustees to be able to allocate seed money for the provider status initiative.

Bruce F. Kneeland, BA, of Prescott, Ariz. Mr. Kneeland is recognized for his career service to supporting community pharmacy practice by providing business development, sales, marketing, project management, and public relations expertise.

Multiple nomination letters highlight his collaborative efforts in community pharmacy to advance the profession of pharmacy. Mr. Kneeland has written extensively for ComputerTalk.

APhA2022 Professionwide Awards

2022 Remington Honor Medal

Peter H. Vlasses, PharmD, DSc (Hon), FCCP, of Glen Ellyn, Ill., is the recipient of the 2022 Remington Honor Medal, the highest honor in pharmacy that is bestowed by APhA.

Hugo H. Schaefer Award

Stephan L. Foster, PharmD, FAPhA, of Atoka, Tenn. The award recognizes outstanding voluntary contributions to the organization, the profession, and society.

Dr. Foster is recognized for his commitment to advancing public health through his service in the US Public Health Service retiring as a captain in 1998 and long-term advocacy for pharmacy’s role in public health.

His role as APhA’s liaison representative on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) since 2001 further showed his broad impact on the profession of pharmacy and public at large.

Hubert H. Humphrey Award

Krista D. Capehart, PharmD, MS, BCACP, FAPhA, of Winfield, W.Va. The award recognizes APhA members who have made major contributions in government and legislative service at the local, state, or national level.

Dr. Capehart is recognized for her contributions to drafting legislation, providing expert testimonies to local legislative committees, including educating government and state agencies on the benefits of pharmacists’ direct involvement in increasing access to the services required to maintain public health and safety.

As one nominator noted, her career has been an exercise in learning, serving, listening, teaching, and building relationships to advance advocacy efforts.

Good Government Pharmacist-of-the-Year Award

Stephen Carroll, PharmD, MBA, of Benton, Ariz. The award recognizes an individual pharmacist who actively contributes to the community through his or her involvement in the political process.

Dr. Carroll is recognized for his contributions to advancing state level advocacy efforts on legislation related to pharmacy benefit managers in collaboration with the Arkansas Pharmacy Association and his role representing pharmacist on a medical marijuana commission for the State of Arkansas.

One nominator noted that his advocacy work and ability to communicate and mobilize grassroots support have been instrumental in advancing the profession of pharmacy. CT