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                    <p class="Basic-Paragraph">At this year’s trade show, </span><span class="Feat--body">AmerisourceBergen</span><span class="Feat--body"> debuted several new programs to help independent pharmacies improve business performance.</span></p>
                    <p class="Basic-Paragraph"><span class="Feat--body">Among these new programs, the company has added OurIndependentVoice.com, a new website with a centralized place to access tools and resources to join advocacy movements that impact care in the community setting, find letter templates to write to legislators, and connect with other pharmacies and pharmacy organizations.</span></p>
                    <p class="Basic-Paragraph"><span class="Feat--body">The company is also developing a specialty-at-retail program that will allow a focus on patient care instead of spending time and resources navigating administrative tasks.</span></p>
                    <p class="Basic-Paragraph"><span class="Feat--body">For the pharmacy’s front end, Good Neighbor Pharmacy is offering its members comprehensive services to optimize front-end sales, including access to business coaching, manufacturer promotions, point-of-sale data and reporting tools, and Retail Remedy, a monthly publication with news, tips, and product specials focused on retail strategies.</span></p>
                    <p class="Basic-Paragraph"><span class="Feat--body">AmerisourceBergen also announced that it has redesigned the generic buying experience to not only deliver competitive up-front prices, but to also serve pharmacists differently based on the way that they want to buy.</span></p>