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AmerisourceBergen is recognizing pharmacies that are working tirelessly on the front lines to ensure their patients continue getting the care they need, even when things are at their most chaotic. They’ve compiled truly inspiring stories from their Good Neighbor Pharmacy and Elevate Provider Network members onto a special Fearless Pharmacy webpage, and have provided downloadable Fearless Pharmacy badges that pharmacies can use on social media and more.

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Here is just one of the many profiles on the Fearless Pharmacy site:

Fearless Pharmacy: 90th Street Pharmacy, New York City

90th-Street_Pharmacy_New_York_City_GNP_Fearless_PharmacyWith the COVID-19 pandemic bringing New York City to a standstill, the toll of the coronavirus has been felt deeply across the Big Apple, especially for pharmacies and other healthcare facilities on the front lines supporting their communities. 90th Street Pharmacy has been a fixture of Manhattan’s Upper East Side for 130 years. Chris Bassolino, the store’s owner for nearly 40 years, has remained dedicated to maintaining the store’s strong legacy, even in unprecedented times.

As soon as there were confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the U.S., Chris moved quickly to ensure his store was ready. Early on, to protect both his staff and his patients, Chris shifted his store to a closed-door operation, meaning they’d have to adapt to serving customers through deliveries and drop-offs only. Working long hours to overcome these new challenges, delivery staff began traversing the Upper East Side and beyond to ensure all patients received their medications, staying true to their tradition of being an old-style pharmacy where service is king—closed door or not.

With potential COVID-19 treatments in high demand, Chris believed it was his duty to support patients with the most critical need. “We need to make sure these therapies are getting to patients that need them and not sitting in someone’s medicine cabinet just in case. We’ve been talking to doctors regularly, educating them on current supply realities and communicating that many potential treatments are still needed by patients with chronic and complex conditions. We need to find a balance. It’s been a team effort, between doctors and pharmacists, to ensure patients are getting what they need during this pandemic.”

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