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Details of Arete Pharmacy Network Offerings

How quickly does Arete Pharmacy Network pay out the funds from pharmacy benefit managers?

Arete Pharmacy Network observes a same-day payment policy, meaning that all funds received on a given day are disbursed on that day.

Claims reconciliation, fee visibility, and central pay/direct deposit features:

Arete Pharmacy Network...

  • Offers robust claims reconciliation to ensure you receive all monies due.
  • Provides full visibility on fees, Direct and Indirect Remuneration (DIR) and transaction fees, and dispensing fees.
  • Offers central pay and direct deposits for next day reconciliation payments.

How does Arete Pharmacy Network help a pharmacy owner plan for and mitigate DIR fees?

Our performance-focused solutions work together to maximize outcomes in performance and help mitigate DIR fees. These solutions include a DIR Fee Reporting Toolkit that allows a pharmacy owner to anticipate DIR fees owed for a given collection period and analyze historical trends on DIR fee claims.

What tools does Arete Pharmacy Network offer to support activities such as MAC appeals, MTM opportunities, adherence opportunities, audit assistance, reporting, and compliance?

MAC Appeals

A web-based solution for automated submission and tracking of generic prescription claims reimbursed below cost. A recent upgrade to this solution supports an integrated data aggregator tool, which provides insight into a prescription drug’s true acquisition cost.

MTM And Adherence Opportunities 

A web-based performance toolkit—the Quality Center— that complements the expertise of a team of certified pharmacy technicians led by a pharmacist. Built-in functionality in the Quality Center helps identify real-time patient opportunities for improved outcomes.

Audit Assistance

An all-on-one solution that combines education on best practices, benchmark reporting, and claims review with real-time audit consultation services.


A robust reporting toolkit for group administrators and users designed to support performance, planning, and forecasting across multiple programs.


Required training modules designed to help maintain regulatory compliance such as HIPAA and FWA. 

What other opportunities does Arete Pharmacy Network offer to help increase revenue streams?

A portfolio of value-added programs such as a cash discount card program, pharmacogenomic testing, and pharmacy diagnostic testing, offered in collaboration with trusted industry partners.

In what ways does Arete Pharmacy Network help members to efficiently manage licensure and credentialing information, maintain contract access, and access support for various policies, procedures, and training (such as Fraud Waste and Abuse prevention, HIPAA, OSHA, FWA and PSE)?

In addition to the required training modules, our compliance solution is designed to help monitor training status; verify that no pharmacy employee is on the OIG and GSA sanction list; simplify attestation to Medicare Part D plan sponsors; and renew licensure as well as complete credentialing to remain in-network. We also provide manual templates for HIPAA policies and offer a dashboard that can be used to monitor/identify opportunities to keep up to date with credentials, training, and sanctions.