AudibleRx Accessible and Useful Consumer Medication Information for Everyone

AudibileRx® has developed a free tool for providing consumer medication information (CMI) in an easy-to-listen audible platform.

“We know that consumers who understand their medications are more likely to take them and as a result, have better health outcomes, and fewer hospitalizations. ” says Steve Leuck, Pharm.D., president and co-founder of AudibleRx. “We also know that many consumers are challenged with literacy or visual difficulties and cannot read or understand their prescription bottles let alone the attached FDA required consumer medication information or CMI.”

AudibleRx was started to solve this problem. “We want every consumer to understand their medication, take it as prescribed and lead healthier lives,” says Leuck. “As a result, health care costs are saved, people are healthier and communities are stronger.”

Key advantages of using AudibleRx to provide consumer medication information include:


Patients listen to their medication education in plain language through the AudibleRx® platform. Printed text to follow along for those who prefer to read.


Accessible on any internet enabled device through an easy-to-use web based application.  Designed for those challenged with literacy, visual impairment, or just learn better by listening.


Important black box warnings, medication specific instructions, and all other FDA recommended elements of a complete consumer medication information document.

AudibleRx does not replace pharmacists counseling. The platform provides patients with an understanding of what they do and don’t know about their medication so they may take educated questions back to their own health care provider.

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