FDS Inc. has announced that Balls Food Stores has deployed its eNGAGE and myDataMart solutions. With eNGAGE, Balls’ pharmacists are empowered to create and manage medication synchronization plans easily, take advantage of additional revenue from medication therapy management (MTM) and immunization opportunities, and extend patient relationships with automated patient messaging by phone and text. The patient management platform also streamlines star rating management.

myDataMart provides a comprehensive business intelligence tool that enables a deeper understanding of performance across the chain and delivers insights to increase profits and enhance patient care with interactive dashboards and easy-to-use, customizable reports for monitoring a variety of performance metrics.

“Data drives pharmacy services in today’s patient-centric healthcare environment. But there is little value to even the most robust database if pharmacists cannot act upon the information promptly,” said Mike Halliwell, Director of Pharmacy & Whole Health, Balls Food Stores.