Datarithm and PharmSaver have announced a partnership that will leverage the data and analytic strengths of both organizations to deliver new value-added cloud-based applications. Datarithm delivers automated, optimized order points by combining customizable settings and forecasting reached through an analysis of each NDC’s dispensing history. The company’s “return to wholesaler” and store-to-store transfer recommendations allow pharmacies to better manage daily surpluses.

PharmSaver, on the other hand, has become a premier pharmacy analytics and pricing platform. According to the company, through the use of the platform, pharmacies have in three short years saved millions of dollars in cost of goods, while taking advantage of prospective reimbursement tools.

“Datarithm suggests to the pharmacy ‘what and when to order’, while PharmSaver suggest ‘where and how to order’. Datarithm and PharmSaver’s independent applications, free of large company influence, provide the perfect one-two punch for purchasing and controlling inventory,” says Dan Sullivan, VP of sales and marketing for Datarithm.

In commenting on the partnership, Michael Sosnowik, president of PharmSaver, says, “With this partnership with Datarithm we are excited to be able to augment the features of our platform and enhance our ability to deliver focused and cost-effective tools and analytics to the dispensing pharmacy regardless of its size or focus.”