With the adoption of NIEM at all levels of government, there is a growing and unmet demand for clinical health elements to be exchanged outside the typical hospital/clinician setting. For example, domains such as justice, human services, and emergency response have an increased need to standardize the handling of healthcare elements and information. However, the health information technology (HIT) standards are often distinctly different from those found in the NIEM.

The Federal Health Architecture (FHA) team has dedicated resources to advance alignment between NIEM and the standards commonly used for HIT exchanges. FHA is developing a strategy for using health-related content to support cross-domain information exchanges, and would like your input. If you or one of your colleagues has created a NIEM-based exchange using health elements, or has identified the need to do so, we need to hear from you! Please share your experience or use case with us at https://www.niem.gov/contact-us.

To learn more about the call and overall effort, please visit http://NIEM.github.io/health.