Hamacher Resource Group Inc. (HRG) has added a new solution to help retail pharmacies (dispensers) of all sizes meet Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) compliance requirements for the 2020 deadline. HRG’s Rx Track-and-Trace Compliance Service includes multiple components including data storage, item lookup and pedigree tracking, and real-time notification and alerts if there are issues to address. A team of HRG auditors actively monitor each client’s transactions to identify any alerts generated by the rules-based system which uses artificial-intelligence to detect abnormalities in the transport of Rx drugs from the place of origin.

Click to download the FDA flyer: “Protect Your Patients Know your responsibilities under the DSCSA”

Dawn Vogelsang, president and majority owner of HRG, said, “Dispensers must find a solution so they can quickly identify and investigate suspect and illegitimate prescription drugs, and they also need to store the tracing documentation for six years to meet the requirements of DSCSA. Our Rx Track-and-Trace Compliance Service eases this burden for pharmacies by providing a proactive, reliable, real-time monitoring service as well as a state-of-the-art secure repository to store the vast amount of data that will be generated by these requirements. From independent pharmacies and drug chains to large retail mass, big box, and grocery chains that have pharmacies – they all need to choose how they’ll meet the requirements of this law and the sooner the better.”

HRG is licensing the system from Advasur, a company that is experienced in building health care systems with three-tier security architecture for U.S. government agencies. The system was originally built for and has been in use to monitor a supermarket chain’s transactions across their 2,000+ pharmacies and their hundreds of drug suppliers. Tens of thousands of transactions are being tracked daily.