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Are You Wholesaler-neutral?

There is no obligation for an independent pharmacy that purchases from a wholesaler to use the services of a particular PSAO. The PSAO is a separate legal entity. However, PSAO is wholesaler-neutral in certain markets as required by state law.

Are members required to purchase from preferred vendors other than a wholesaler?


Details of Health Mart Atlas Offerings

How quickly does Health Mart Atlas pay out the funds from pharmacy benefit managers?

Usually within 1 business day of receiving funds and data.

Claims reconciliation, fee visibility, and central pay/direct deposit features:

Health Mart Atlas...

  • Offers robust claims reconciliation to ensure you receive all monies due.
  • Provides full visibility on fees, Direct and Indirect Remuneration (DIR) and transaction fees, and dispensing fees.
  • Offers central pay and direct deposits for next day reconciliation payments.

How does Health Mart Atlas help a pharmacy owner plan for and mitigate DIR fees?

Health Mart Atlas provides:

  • A results optimization tool for pharmacies to track and to estimate future DIR fees.
  • Quarterly remittance statements that outline DIR fees paid.
  • Network wide resources to help pharmacies understand DIR fees and opportunities to improve performance and lower DIR liability.
  • Dedicated team of Performance Advisors which pharmacies can call or email to get specific performance or DIR questions answered.

What tools does Health Mart Atlas offer to support activities such as MAC appeals, MTM opportunities, adherence opportunities, audit assistance, reporting, and compliance?

MAC Appeals

The MAC Success Manager (MSM) Program is a Health Mart Atlas solution for appealing eligible multisource brand and generic claims with contracted Pharmacy Benefit Managers.
The Health Mart Atlas MSM program analyzes claims data and average pharmacy acquisition costs to identify and appeal below cost claim examples for drugs that have PBM reimbursements that are out of line with the market. Pharmacies have the ability to also view related reporting and support additional claims via an online portal.

Medication Therapy Management

Health Mart Atlas currently utilizes direct reporting from OutcomesMTM and OptumRx MedMonitor to help prioritize outreach to pharmacies with large volume opportunity. We also display the current OutcomesMTM opportunity in a results optimization tool that our members use.


Health Mart Atlas provides all our members with access to the EQuIPP dashboard to identify adherence opportunities at no additional cost to our members.

What other opportunities does Health Mart Atlas offer to help increase revenue streams?

Medication Therapy Management

Health Mart Atlas currently contracts with medication therapy management (MTM) vendors for both Comprehensive and Targeted MTM opportunities made available to member pharmacies.


Health Mart Atlas participates in many Vaccine Administration Networks allowing pharmacies to generate additional revenue through billing of vaccines through the pharmacy benefit.

Additional Opportunities

Health Mart Atlas contracts for additional pay for performance opportunities for our participating pharmacies where available.

In what ways does Health Mart Atlas help members to efficiently manage licensure and credentialing information, maintain contract access, and access support for various policies, procedures, and training (such as Fraud Waste and Abuse prevention, HIPAA, OSHA, FWA and PSE)?

Health Mart Atlas has dedicated teams to help educate and walk customers through all necessary credentialing and eligibility requirements at enrollment and on an ongoing basis. At enrollment, a dedicated team of Enrollment Concierge spend time one-on-one with each customer explaining PSAO and PBMs' requirements, policies and procedures, and training on compliance management. On an ongoing basis, the team communicates when issues arise along with offering tools to help train the customer and avoid future gaps. Tools include information on the portal, such as a summary of PBMs eligibility and credentialing requirements, podcasts, training materials with step by step instructions/screen shots, and personal support always available with our customer service team.