LexisNexis Health Solutions’ Brian Eidex
Brian EIdex

Clean data is a key driver of pharmacy success. What role can big data play in providing your pharmacy with the cleanest data and the most precise data possible? Whether for ensuring prescription claims details such as provider data is validated before claims submission or for managing your patient database efficiently in order to identify care opportunities and connect more effectively with your pharmacy’s patients, how you use your data can have a major impact on how successful your pharmacy is.

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ComputerTalk recently hosted a webcast conversation with LexisNexis Health Solutions’ Brian Eidex, where we talked about the keys to conquering pharmacy compliance and data challenges. Brian goes into great depth about current regulatory environment that makes real-time provider data crucial for successful pharmacy operations, including for compliance with DEA, CMS, and state regulations.

There’s a tremendous amount of complexity that pharmacies need to manage, and the root of success is clean, according to Eidex, is accurate and up-to-date data that’s powered by real-time verification within the pharmacy workflow.

Eidex also points to the importance of high-quality patient data for pharmacy, including the impact on operational costs, effectiveness of patient outreach, and quality of care. Here’s a question to ask yourself: How do you ensure that you are identifying the correct patient for every action and interaction in your Pharmacy every time? You’d be surprised how rapidly patient demographic data quality degrades over time.

And then there’s the cutting edge area of social determinants of health, or SDOH. It’s incredibly valuable to recognize the way in which social and environmental factors impact patient health. And, as Eidex explains, pharmacies in fact have amazing tools available to them to use SDOH information within their patient care process to ensure decisions are made with solid patient data at their base and care is delivered with consistent processes. Using SDOH can make the difference in providing the right care to the right patient at the right time.