InfoWerks Offers 90 Days No Cost Hosting For Patient Data

Supporting Community Pharmacies in Uncertain Times

Supporting community pharmacies during their time of need is the right thing to do. InfoWerks is ready to offering pharmacies 90 days of no-cost hosting for patient data to ensure business continuity. The offer does not include any fees for data access from software providers and pharmacies may need to submit supporting documentation to qualify. Here are the details from InfoWerks:

“COVID-19 compounded with other recent events are having a significant impact on community pharmacies. As a partner to the industry, we see your struggle and would like very much to offer assistance. For any pharmacy that has encountered operational challenges and closures because of the current environment, we’re here to lend our support.

CEO Jeff Deitch announced this new offer to internal teams stating, ‘Community pharmacies are essential in providing care for their patients. We stand with them, as they face uncertain times. Whatever we can do to support them continue to be healthcare advocates for patients, we want to help.’

One of the most critical aspects for a pharmacy is its patient records and being able to access those to maintain business continuity. ViewMaster, our patient record archiving platform, is an application that can allow you to do this. We can capture your data and load it into ViewMaster securely. Then, your information can be accessed from any browser. We will provide this service at no cost for 90 days.”

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