Integra’s workflow and content management solution, DocuTrack, now offers an interface to the iCareManager (iCM) eMAR, a software system designed for assisted living facilities and other long-term care providers. The interface is now available to all current shared customers as well as those looking to purchase either system in the future.

“We needed integrations and tools that allow us to communicate more effectively with our partner pharmacies,” said Kamal Sheikh, iCareManger co-founder and CTO. “Integra provided us this bridge, and has opened up a speedier channel of communication for us.”
“Expansion of interfaces to systems like iCareManager demonstrates Integra’s commitment to integration,” said Louie Foster, Integra Product Director and DocuTrack Product Manager. “Integra’s open system approach offers customers more flexibility than many other providers, which gives them the freedom to select systems that best fit their needs and budget.”

iCM is an EHR system designed to reduce risks for its clients in the long-term-care industry. It manages resident medical documentation, tracks care, staff information, and facility workflows. In addition, it provides a highly sophisticated eMAR, with an alerts & notifications module both engineered to reduce medication errors and keeping all managers and staff connected so the best possible care can be provided.  The system is built with a heavy emphasis on design and user-experience so it is easy-to-train and easy-to-use.