INDUSTRY WATCH: September/October 2014

New Application from Community Healthcare Network now offers Care Rx, a clinical services documentation platform for medication therapy management (MTM), clinical disease management results, and wellness programs

The new application is integrated with PDX’s Enterprise Pharmacy System, the Community Pharmacy System, and the PDX Classic system via a secure sign-on from any Web browser. Accessing Care Rx within the pharmacy system saves the time of going outside the pharmacy system workflow to use a nonintegrated system.

Care Rx lets pharmacists perform MTM sessions, track medication adherence, perform comprehensive medication reviews, execute specialty drug clinical programs, enter lab results, record activities such as vaccinations, and give pharmacists the opportunity to collaborate with patients in wellness programs

Integrated with the electronic pharmacy record, Care Rx facilitates the real-time aggregation of clinical data into a patient’s electronic health record. Data collected through MTM sessions becomes part of the patient’s clinical view. When combined with prescription data, a comprehensive view of a patient’s overall healthcare status is provided.