INDUSTRY WATCH: January/February 2016
AdvanceNet Health Solutions (ANSHealth) announced today that NoviXus Pharmacy Services has successfully begun dispensing prescriptions using ePostRx Enterprise Pharmacy Management Software. The ePostRx solution was adopted by NoviXus to become its sole pharmacy fulfillment solution.

According to Rich Grossman, COO of NoviXus Pharmacy Services, “The flexibility and openness of ePostRx™ allows us to fully customize the software to meet our unique business needs, and gives us the best position towards growth and meeting industry challenges in the future. The operational efficiencies ePostRx provides will reduce error rates and lead to greater member satisfaction. In addition, ePostRx will easily help us lower our cost per script, giving NoviXus a competitive advantage in the marketplace today.

“ANSHealth has proven time and again that our ePostRx platform is just a superior alternative to that of any proprietary or legacy pharmacy software. The robust functionality of our core product is designed for pharmacies that want to succeed,” said Matt Walko, ANSHealth VP of Business/Software Development. “NoviXus knows pharmacy and what it takes to be a leader in this industry. ANSHealth is proud to partner with them, and we look forward to helping them achieve their goals.”