PCA Pharmacy Finds Advantage with TCGRx Technology

In partnership with TCGRx, PCA Pharmacy, a subsidiary of Trilogy Health Services, implemented TCGRx’s ATP-Rx with SmartTrayRx and InspectRx in its Columbus, Ohio, location in 2013, and this year plans to add ATP-Rx and InspectRx in its Grand Rapids, Mich., location.

ATP-Rx facilitates both unit-dose and multimed packaging. Nonformulary medications are handled through an interface with the SmartTrayRx, which uses fill-tolight technology to ensure accuracy and shorten processing time. InspectRx gives patients the confidence of knowing their pouches are accurate, and facilities can track erroneous pouches and missing meds back to the source.

“Implementing a new system can definitely be cumbersome, but with the help of TCGRx we were able to convert over 1,200 beds to pouch packaging in just three months,” says Lance Miller, regional VP of operations for PCA Pharmacy.

“Typically, a rollout of that size can take eight months. Once we established a workflow the transition went very smoothly with our staff and customers.”

Miller claims that with an alternative to blister cards, “We are now able to solicit new business, which we would have never been able to bid on without multimed packaging available.”