After graduating pharmacy school, Pedro J. Vanga Feliciano set out to help the community that raised him. Feliciano opened his pharmacy, Super Farmacia Vanga, Inc., in the poorest community in San Juan, Puerto Rico and has never looked back. His focus on the health needs of his patients and his community earned him the 2017 Ken Wurster Community Leadership Award at the Cardinal Health Retail Business Conference in San Antonio.

The annual Cardinal Health award recognizes an independent pharmacy owner who demonstrates a commitment to promoting the principles of community pharmacy.

“I am honored to win the Ken Wurster award,” said Feliciano. “Ken Wurster was a pharmacist dedicated to community service, which has always been my passion. I share this with all community pharmacists who work for their communities. Receiving this award inspires me to continue providing better service with more passion.”

Feliciano leads by example and encourages others to take action. Whether it’s providing donations to leukemia patients through Fundación Angeles con Mahones y Tenis, offering free delivery services for the elderly, or showing appreciation to mothers in his community with his annual Mother’s Day Makeover Event, the whole community benefits from his leadership.

He also works closely with Iniciativa Comunitaria de Investigacion (ICI), a non-profit organization with multiple programs that fight against substance abuse and support those with family members battling addiction.

Since its start, ICI has established drug rehabilitation services with comprehensive services ranging from detoxification to reintegration into the community. In addition, ICI, in partnership with several communities, established programs in education and prevention services for young people exposed to street violence and who have the potential to drop out of school.

This year, Feliciano chose to give the $10,000 Ken Wurster donation to ICI. “From the moment I knew there was the chance I was able to give a donation, my mind immediately went to Iniciativa Comunitaria and Dr. Vargas Vidot,” said Feliciano. “For me, it is a pleasure to be able to help the Iniciativa Comunitaria, which provides opportunity for health and rehabilitation services and improves the quality of life for people without access to healthcare services. It is an honor and a privilege to give this donation, which Cardinal Health awards, to Iniciativa Comunitaria to help those most in need.”

Feliciano is an inspiration to many through his role as president of the Puerto Rico College of Pharmacists, his position on the Board of Pharmacy of Puerto Rico and his role as professor of Pharmacy Administration at the University of Puerto Rico School of Pharmacy. He is also the recipient of the 2016-2017 Abigail Robles Award, which is the highest recognition given by the Pharmacists Association of Puerto Rico to a community pharmacist in Puerto Rico.

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