PharmSaver Adds No-Cost Features

PharmSaver has announced that it will alert pharmacies when savings are available by changing the package size of an item in the shopping cart and will also display saving opportunities by switching to a different manufacturer.

The company has also implemented additional search options for selecting drugs beyond the standard name and NDC (national drug code) lookups. Pharmacies can search by GPI (generic product identifier) to find all generic equivalents with a match on the last six digits of the NDC to return only matching NDCs. A search can also include keywords like AND, OR, and NOT, or use the wildcard “*” to search for the best price, short-dated product, or brand items from a single wholesaler.

Special shipping requirements for hazardous or heavy items that may require ground shipping, even if minimum overnight shipping requirements are met, are seen immediately in the shopping cart. A special icon will display refrigerated items requiring special handling that may require a slightly earlier checkout or may not be shipped until the next business day.

PharmSaver says that all of these features are available to pharmacies at no cost and are designed to save time.