INDUSTRY WATCH: January/February 2016
PioneerRx’s Managing Director Jeff Key was a panelist for the Health, Wellness, and Technology Summit during the 2015 Drug Store News Industry Issues Summit in New York City. One of the most discussed issues was improving inventory and personnel resources. Key proposed medication synchronization as a two-fold solution that would help pharmacists plan staffing and inventory according to schedule demands. Key was joined on the panel by Walmart’s Brandon Worth and Kroger’s Philecia Avery.

The company has also announced the integration of Polyglot’s Meducation into the PioneerRx pharmacy management system. Meducation offers patient education on prescriptions through personalized medication instructions in the patient’s preferred language and the use of pictograms for time-of-day dosing and medication techniques. The patient information is available in 21 languages, uses large font sizes, and prints automatically without interrupting the pharmacist’s workflow. It offers another step in improving adherence.