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PioneerRx COVID Resources
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Jeff Key PioneerRxJeff Key, PioneerRx President says: “Now more than ever, PioneerRx’s mission to Save + Revitalize Independent Pharmacy is what inspires our team to continuously innovate, so that our pharmacies may do the same. At PioneerRx, we fight for every single pharmacy on the front-line of this crisis.

We have the challenge to help our pharmacies help their patients get the medications they need in a way that reduces the exposure to pharmacy staff and other patients. In addition, we have the challenge to help our pharmacies be in business when this crisis is over.

The majority of our pharmacies are not letting customers in the store. They are either using delivery, drive-thru, curbside, or a combination of these services. We are creating and enhancing best practices for these scenarios. Here is a sample of some of the things we are doing for pharmacy.

We have rolled out two-way text messaging so our customers can talk to their patients right in the workflow. In addition, it also allows the patients to let the pharmacy know that they have arrived in the parking lot for locations that don’t have a drive-thru.

We have also opened the ability of our text messaging to receive pictures from patients to help pharmacists provide extra support for patients who cannot come into the pharmacy to talk.

We built a feature that allows a pharmacy to bypass signatures and place ‘COVID-19’ on the signature line. That will allow pharmacies to maintain a contactless process in getting medications to patients, keep their teams safe, and stand up to audit scrutiny as to why no signature was obtained.

We have released the ability to take a picture of the delivery instead of requiring a signature in order to improve sanitation and handle a much larger amount of deliveries. This allows a delivery driver to leave the prescription at the door instead of interacting with the patient.

We have added a notification in the pharmacy system when a patient does not have a credit card on file so that the store can call the patient and get payment before they get their medications. This allows the pharmacy staff to speed up the process of the patient picking up their prescription.

We also enhanced our notification user interface to allow pharmacies to use messages that we created. This gives pharmacies the option to turn on a notification to set up automatic customer messages, rather than doing so manually. They do not have to create custom messages to get started (although they can). This feature also allows a pharmacy to let their patients know when a prescription is ready and that they can come to drive-thru or curbside delivery options, customized to what the pharmacy has available.

We have paid for and released pre-recorded video counseling for all of our stores so that patients can get critical counseling and advice about their diseases even though they can not come to the pharmacy.

We are working with the payment brands to waive ‘card not present’ fees for our pharmacies that are getting cards in advance.

We have released a few features that will help pharmacies efficiently connect with their patients like a robust text messaging permission workflow and the ability for pharmacies to get OTC and supplement needs from patients prior to arrival.

We have created a COVID-19 news page specifically targeting pharmacy. This page is updated daily and provides news, resources, and recommended workflows.

We have also created a wellness web page to share exercises and ways to destress and remain mentally healthy during this crisis.

We have had an unprecedented demand for PioneerRx, as pharmacies realize that our software is critical for their survival. We continue to find ways to get them installed.”

For more information, please visit our COVID-19: Pharmacy News & Resources web page.