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                    <p class="Basic-Paragraph"><span class="Feat--body">PrescribeWellness</span><span class="Feat--body">, the cloud-based services company, and the </span><span class="Feat--body">Federation of Pharmacy Networks (FPN)</span><span class="Feat--body"> have announced the expansion of their three-year partnership. With the extension, the two companies have agreed to offer PrescribeWellness’s Medicare plan comparison software, PrescribeMedicare, to FPN’s network.</span></p>
                    <p class="Basic-Paragraph"><span class="Feat--body">PrescribeWellness also announced the availability of its long-awaited vaccination management solution, VaccineComplete. This is designed to streamline all the activities involved in offering year-round immunizations so that it is an efficient revenue source.</span></p>
                    <p class="Basic-Paragraph"><span class="Feat--body">In another announcement the company is offering workshops on a variety of pharmacy industry topics, including star ratings, revenue opportunities, and the appointment-based model. Included as well are several weekly small-group, open-discussion workshops on influencing patient behavior and driving adherence.</span></p>