INDUSTRY WATCH: September/October 2015

QS/1 Introduces SharpRx

QS/1 CEO Tammy Devine talks about a new pharmacy software system from the company in an interview with ComputerTalk’s Maggie Lockwood.

ComputerTalk: Tell us a little about the reasoning behind the development of the new product.

Tammy Devine: Foremost was to get changes to the market as quickly as possible. Pharmacy is ever-changing, whether it’s legal requirements or competitive needs within the market. Even though we’re typically first in the market with new regulatory requirements — eScripts, 340B certification, Y2K, OBRA ’90, Medicare Part B compliance, etc. — we know today’s pharmacists need challenges addressed quickly to remain competitive and profitable. We wanted to take advantage of the latest development tools available that would enable us to meet those needs of our customers.

A critical goal was to simplify tasks pharmacy staffs do all day. Pharmacists are constantly multitasking. SharpRx eliminates steps and provides quick access to relevant information from wherever they are in the system, enabling greater efficiency and better customer service to boost a pharmacy’s bottom line.

We also wanted an intuitive approach to make it a system very easy to begin using because it works similarly to other technology we’re all using outside the pharmacy.

CT: What features do you feel most reflect what independent pharmacists need today to succeed?

Devine: Today’s pharmacists need to do everyday tasks quickly without sacrificing accuracy. SharpRx simplifies multitasking by enabling you to switch between functions without having to restart a task. And the first touchscreen in a pharmacy management system will make it even simpler. Pharmacists have loved other features that speed up their work, such as easily handling purchase orders and inventory, along with the advanced reporting system that enables you to quickly create custom forms and labels on the fly.

CT: You’re calling it the future of pharmacy — tell us why.

Devine: We believe the future lies in an intuitive system like SharpRx that utilizes the latest development tools to quickly prepare pharmacies for the challenges faced in the fast-paced pharmacy market. With the unique touchscreen, SharpRx adds a very common tool in other technology to the tools upon which systems have traditionally relied — the keyboard and mouse. In addition to efficiency and accuracy, the system also places great attention on the latest demands in today’s — and tomorrow’s — pharmacy, such as five-star rating, adherence, and pharmacy compliance.

CT: Along with the new product, there’s a new logo. What’s the goal with the change?

Devine: QS/1 has been working on more than its products the past couple of years. We’ve upgraded our service and support, greatly expanded and enhanced our services, and are launching two totally new products — a document management system (QDM) and SharpRx — in the span of a couple of months. We wanted to communicate our innovations and enhanced approach with a logo representing that we’re a company for the future.

We purposely maintained the red square from our original logo because we’re very proud of our heritage as pharmacy’s leading technology company and we want to be ever-mindful of our dedication to that leadership, as depicted by the lines in the square symbolizing the road to the future.

CT: Is SharpRx just for new customers to QS/1, or for existing customers as well?
Devine: Both. The first release of the product is geared toward smaller retail locations, but it will continually (and quickly) evolve with ongoing expansion. We encourage pharmacists to monitor our website for the latest enhancements.

CT: What are the greatest challenges facing pharmacy, and how does SharpRx make a difference?

Devine: A real advantage of SharpRx being a system designed by pharmacists for pharmacists is that we thoroughly understand the greatest challenges to pharmacy profitability — regulatory requirements, shrinking reimbursements, adherence, five-star measurement, and compliance. SharpRx helps pharmacies not only meet each of those challenges but also convert each roadblock into a competitive advantage. The system will enable quick response to changes, provide multiple tools to increase adherence, increase five-star ratings, and help keep stores profitable. CT