QS/1 has announced a partnership with Therigy to improve specialty pharmacy operations between dispensing systems and therapy management software. Specialty pharmacy is the fastest-growing area within pharmacy and can help increase the patient base as well as diversify the business.

“Therigy is widely known for its patient-centric specialty therapy management technology,” says Ed Vess, R.Ph., QS/1’s director of pharmacy professional affairs. “This partnership will give QS/1’s pharmacy customers access to cutting-edge services, allowing them to automate, streamline, and focus on patient management.”

TherigySTM technologies offer a range of resources that give pharmacists
the tools required for detailed tracking of patient progress with specialty medications. Combined with QS/1’s NRx pharmacy management system, the interface with TherigySTM helps pharmacies minimize duplicate data entry and improve workflow by tracking dispenses, managing a patient’s care, reporting on outcomes, and running required reports.

Joseph Morse, CEO of Therigy, points out that TherigySTM can electronically receive patient information from QS/1’s systems and automatically populate many of the fields required during the patient onboarding process.