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                    <p class="Basic-Paragraph"><span class="Feat--body">ScriptPro</span><span class="Feat--body"> has announced that its real-time 340B processing system has successfully passed an intensive audit performed at the University of Kentucky (UK) by </span><span class="Feat--body">Visante, Inc. </span><span class="Feat--body">Visante is a leading firm in 340B audit and compliance support, and is completely <br />independent, with no fiduciary relationship to <br />ScriptPro or any other split-billing vendors. The audit covered over 100,000 prescriptions processed at UK pharmacies during the first half of 2016.</span></p>
                    <p class="Basic-Paragraph"><span class="Feat--body">According to Gary Johnson, chief pharmacy officer at UK, “The audit confirmed what we already knew. We can rely on the accuracy of ScriptPro’s real-time processing system to ensure compliance with the complex 340B regulations.”</span></p>
                    <p class="Basic-Paragraph"><span class="Feat--body">ScriptPro’s real-time 340B compliance engine differs from after-the-fact processing methods used by other split-billing systems. Mike Coughlin, ScriptPro’s president and CEO, sums it up this way: “Our 340B determinations are made by the pharmacy management system as prescriptions are filled. The system can then automatically direct staff to use 340B drug stock for qualified prescriptions. And it provides a basis for direct verification of prescription transactions rather than through analysis of aggregate data accumulations.”</span></p>