SoftWritersMark Fulton Clinical Product Manager SoftWriters is the first and only LTC pharmacy software company so far to have achieved NCPDP SCRIPT V2017071 certification. Mark Fulton, Clinical Product Manager at SoftWriters, becomes one of the few industry experts who has achieved this distinction.

CMS has mandated the industry adoption of NCPDP SCRIPT V2017071 standard, effective January 1, 2020.

This impacts every healthcare and healthcare IT professional who interacts with ePrescribing, whether they design and implement EHR/Pharmacy Operating systems; forecast and prepare for organizational risks; define pharmacy policy; develop requirements; program pharmacy systems; define product specifications or develop and deliver training for project teams and end users.

Industry wide implementation of a new and complex standard can be very challenging. Certified NCPDP expert resource can help address these challenges. With this in mind, NCPDP has offered the SCRIPT V2017071 certification through the NCPDP Standards Certification Exam Program.