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Don Brindisi, R.Ph., Masonic Villages Pharmacy TCGRx SmartCardRx

Technology-Guided Packaging: Better Med Organization at Masonic Villages

The Masonic Villages of Pennsylvania provide a full continuum of retirement living, personal care, and nursing services at five locations across the state. The Masonic...

Trend to Watch: Adherence Packaging at Retail

Heather Martin, VP of sales for long-term care and retail markets at TCGRx, talks about a trend that community pharmacies need to know about: adherence packaging. Learn how you could use adherence packaging to build on the success you’re having with processes such as med sync.

Checklist: Blister Pack Automation for Growth

Blister cards automation can give you competitive advantages. Synergy Medical provided the following checklist when a pharmacy is considering this type of automation and dispensing system.

Blister Pack Automation for Growth

Checklist for pharmacies considering compliance packaging automation.
Absolute Pharmacy, North Canton, Ohio

Fitting into the Continuum of Care

The plan for growth at Absolute Pharmacy includes increased prescription fill speed and multidose cards, thanks to Synergy Medical automation. Stringent regulations, competitive demands from facilities, and the push to a home-based model all stem from the overall goal to reduce the hospital readmission rate.
Daniel Cutie, R.Ph., and Marilyn Goulty, C.P.A, owners of Cutie Pharma-Care in Greenwich, N.Y.

Packaging As A Value-add for Facilities

Marilyn Goulty, Cutie Pharma-Care, explains why she and co-owner Daniel Cutie chose to go with compliance packaging as a way to drive med sync and add value for facilities.

American Health Packaging’s New Unit-Dose Offerings

INDUSTRY WATCH: July/August 2015 American Health Packaging, a division of AmerisourceBergen, now offers four additional products to its growing unit-dose line. These include the following: ■...

Proof of Concept: Compliance Packaging at Retail

The Fettman brothers had a vision to take Davies Drugs in a new direction. They saw compliance packaging for their retail patients as a way to create a service niche. Find out how their vision has yielded results and put them out on the leading edge of adherence management.

The Adherence Advantage: SynMed Automation Gives Flexibility in Multidose Dispensing (2...

In this segment on the multidose filling system by Synergy Medical, founder Jean Boutin explains to ComputerTalk’s Maggie Lockwood the system’s unique position and dispensing trays employed by the system; the interface with pharmacy management systems; and the factors that drive automation and pharmacists should consider when evaluating automated packaging systems. Second of three parts.

The Adherence Advantage: SynMed Automation Gives Flexibility in Multidose Dispensing (3...

In this final installment with ComputerTalk’s Maggie Lockwood, Synergy Medical founder Jean Boutin shares the reaction from pharmacists who have installed the multidose packaging automation, SynMed, as well as plans for the company over the next six months. Third of three parts.