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LTC Pharmacy

SoftWriters at 20: It Starts with Relationships

SoftWriters celebrates its 20th anniversary of its pharmacy management platform, FrameworkLTC, and serving long-term care pharmacy. Tim Tannert, president, talks about commitment to customers, the challenges facing the industry today, and how the philosophy to deliver solutions that support success still holds true.

COVID-19 Driving Pharmacy Automation

Blister packaging is often the most repetitive, time-consuming task in pharmacies, and the SynMed system has proven over time to be a reliable solution to automate this process, limit touches, and better service facilities. Today nearly 95% of all multidose blister pack systems in North America use SynMed technologies.

LTC Pharmacy: In It for the Long Term

Lou Ann Brubaker is the President of Brubaker Consulting, a company she founded in 1988 to exclusively serve post-acute care and related ancillary and technology companies. She spoke with ComputerTalk’s Maggie Lockwood about recent happenings in skilled nursing facilities and the impact on pharmacies and the software they’re using.

Synergy Medical

SynMed and SynMed Ultra automate the dispensing of oral solids into both single and multi-dose blister packs with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. View the full listing to learn more.

Long-Term Care Pharmacy: Then and Now

Recently, while attending a long-term care (LTC) software vendor’s customer conference, one pharmacist lamented that everything out there seemed to be trying to keep...

Integra 2019 Conference Recap

This year marked the 12th year for the Integra User Conference. More than 150 attendees joined Integra staff in the greater Seattle area — home of...

SoftWriters 2018 Users Conference

Highlights of the conference included networking with peers, the SoftWriters team, and industry sponsors. SoftWriters sent one-third of their team to present, train, and...