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The Big Three

An article in the September issue of Harper’s Magazine titled “The Big Tech Extortion Racket” refers to Google, Facebook, and Amazon as the “middlemen.” The corporate business model in all three is about data ownership and the discriminatory practices that are used.

Accessing PDMP Data

As more and more states require pharmacists to check their prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) before dispensing an opioid, the quality of the data...

A Few Thoughts

These are relatively quiet times in the pharmacy technology sector. We are not seeing breakthrough advances like we once did. Think robotics, interactive voice...

The ASAP Connection

ONE OF THE HALLMARKS of the American Society for Automation in Pharmacy (ASAP), in addition to its pioneering work in setting the reporting standard for...

Monetizing Privacy

WHAT IS DISTURBING TO ME is how an individual’s privacy is being compromised of late. It seems like a day doesn’t pass without reading about...

Disruptive Technologies

Amazon has rocked the foundation of brick-and-mortar retailers, forcing store closures and causing profits to plummet. Next up may be pharmacy. That’s the buzz, but pharmacy is not groceries. It’s not diapers. It’s not books. It is highly regulated, and run-of-the-mill prescriptions these days are not moneymakers. Specialty drugs are, but this is a different breed of pharmacy, one that I do not see fitting into the Amazon business model. Nevertheless, it could be a problem for community pharmacy, both chain and independent, if Amazon enters the pharmacy market.

The Opioid Crisis

PDMPs are becoming very important in addressing the opioid crisis we have in this country. When PDMPs were created, there was little use of the data that resided in their repositories. This has since changed. First, virtually every state requires prescribers and pharmacists to register with their PDMP. Second, many states now require prescribers to check the PDMP before writing an opioid prescription, under certain conditions.

Digital Medicine

Apps are being put into play that connect patient data with physicians to keep an eye on such things as blood pressure, blood glucose, and body temperature. We also read a lot about precision medicine and how it’s changing outcomes. All this is technology based.