In our July/August issue we interview Arete Pharmacy Network’s Darla Bodnar, R.Ph., director of clinical services, who describes how Arete Pharmacy Network’s Quality Center helps member pharmacies achieve and exceed performance goals. The Quality Center, a web-based platform for member pharmacies of Arete network, has tools and resources that improve performance ratings. Bodnar gives an overview of 
What the Quality Center is, how it serves the pharmacy, the patient, and how its offering differentiated Arete from other PSAOs.Many pharmacy owners are concerned about financial health and patient outcomes, and Bodnar explains how the Quality Center helps and is aligned with CMS star ratings. 

“Avid users of the Quality Center have had quantifiable success in increasing quality scores, and subsequently, decreasing clawback charges while adding additional revenue through MTM.” 

Read the full interview here or to see a video, click here. 

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