Watch video highlights from the newly-released 2017 Chain Pharmacy Community Engagement Report.

NACDS has developed a report on the community engagement activities of NACDS chain member companies. The report is intended to empower further discussions about opportunities for chains and suppliers to collaborate to help address society’s needs.

The 2017 Chain Pharmacy Community Engagement Report quantifies $630 million in giving last year, plus 1.5 million volunteer hours, on the part of NACDS chain member companies. The report also describes activities in the top-three ranked focus areas: access to affordable medicines and vaccines; preventing diabetes and promoting healthy meals; and preventing opioid abuse.

Watch highlights in the video above of the report’s findings, which was screened at the NACDS Annual Meeting during the Business Program on Sunday.

“In releasing this report, we want to acknowledge the tremendous work underway by NACDS associate members as well – our supplier partners. Many of the highly effective programs to meet society’s needs are accomplished in collaboration with chains and suppliers, and we hope that this report will help existing and new partnerships to flourish.” –NACDS President and CEO Steven C. Anderson, IOM, CAE