WellDyneRx, Inc. Implements ePostRx Pharmacy Management System for Dispensing Prescriptions

AdvanceNet Health Solutions (ANSHealth), announced today that WellDyneRx, Inc., has successfully completed data migration and begun dispensing prescriptions using ePostRx as its primary pharmacy management and fulfillment solution. The ePostRx Open Source Solution was adopted by WellDyneRx and integrated with its other proprietary software to accommodate all prescription distribution models, including Mail and Specialty Pharmacy, on a single platform across multiple dispensing locations.

“After reviewing various options, we selected ePostRx,” said Susan Cain, COO, WellDyneRx. “ePostRx allows us to fully customize the software to meet our specific business needs and workflow requirements. This customization gives us a competitive advantage in the marketplace, as we can provide our clients and members an elevated level of service and higher quality fulfillment through streamlined operations. With ePostRx, we are also able to better control our expenses, which ensures we can continue to provide our services at reasonable costs.”

Matt Walko, ANSHealth VP of business/software development, shared his thoughts on WellDyneRx selecting ePostRx as its open source pharmacy solution. “We’ve proven ePostRx provides pharmacy owners a much lower cost per script, as well as lower error rates, while increasing operational efficiencies and member satisfaction. WellDyneRx has made a strong commitment to the growth and success of their business by taking advantage of the inherent flexibility ePostRx offers, versus other more costly proprietary options in the industry today. We look forward to a very long and rewarding relationship with our partners at WellDyneRx.”