Exclusive Web Content | Cardinal RBC 2015

Following the 2015 Cardinal Retail Business Conference, ComputerTalk’s Will Lockwood caught up with Marc Mullen, vice president and general manager of Cardinal Health’s OptiFreight® Logistics, to find out more about what community pharmacies can do to improve their operations through increased attention to logistics.

Brett Pine, chief operating officer at Braun PharmaCare in Chicago, sheds some more light on the impact pharmacies see when using this logistics solution:

“After coming on board with OptiFreight Logistics, our volume continued to rise, but we were able to save overall on our shipments thanks to the discounts applied to our account. We’ve also had a great experience with their customer service team. They’re always attentive to our needs, prompt to help and has strong follow through. We plan to continue to be part of this program.”

ComputerTalk: What is the OptiFreight offering for those not familiar with it?
Marc Mullen:
OptiFreight® Logistics can help retail pharmacies save money on both inbound and outbound shipping charges. The OptiFreight® Logistics program helps uncover hidden charges and helps its customers realize 30 to 50% savings on their inbound and outbound shipping. Those are figures based on actual shipments through OptiFreight® Logistics for the year 2014. Individual savings may vary, of course.

CT: What types of pharmacies find it useful? What kinds of community pharmacies should be taking a hard look here?
Many pharmacies can benefit from the OptiFreight® Logistics program. However, we have found that retail pharmacies that routinely ship medical supplies to customers can realize significant savings.

CT: What are some of the key freight metrics that pharmacies should know about if they are going to effectively assess their operations?
The OptiFreight® Logistics program provides proprietary analytics to increase visibility, so pharmacists can see true total spend, including hidden shipping charges. Advanced outbound shipping tools give real-time control over shipping modes – for example, overnight, ground, etc., and add-on costs. On-demand, customized reports are also available online to help meet the needs of the retail pharmacy customer.

CT: What kind of impact can pharmacies see from bringing in a logistics solution like this?
As I pointed out, our 2014 data shows that pharmacies save an average of 30-50% per direct shipment through the OptiFreight® Logistics program. Some other important considerations are that there’s no need for pharmacies using our solution to change any existing vendors, processes, or scheduled delivery times. Program implementation requires a minimal investment of time and, of course, more efficient and lower cost shipping means better service and care for patients. CT