The next generation of artificial intelligence (AI) will start to do a lot of thinking and strategizing for all types of business owners, including pharmacy, says Joe Desert in his July/August feature story “Not Your Father’s Toolbox: New Ready-to-Run Artificial Intelligence Business tools.”  
You can read the full article here, but for a quick summary of the websites he highlighted, see below.

AI APP Makers

These companies have technology that lets developers design and build their own AI apps from scratch, including AI sentiment analyzers, text readability analysis, and gender analysis. 

Bitext https:

AI Dashboards

One of AI’s notable characteristics is its ability to retrieve data from all corners of the web and then package it in easy-to-understand graphic dashboards. Companies with technologies here are:

Metric Insights:

Self-Designing Websites

For those who need a service to auto-design a website for the pharmacy. 


Call Center Matchmaker

Designed to find personality matches between call center reps and customers. 


Lawsuit Alert 


Deep Learning Software

A free, open source, software developed by researchers and engineers on the Google Brain team. 

Tensor Flow: