Business Process Modeling with Integra Logix Can Solve These 10 Challenges

By Eddie Buchanan, Integra Logix Product Analyst


Pharmacy automation is not limited to hard and fast rules. Logix business process modeling works with your highly trained staff to streamline existing workflow, enhance efficiency, and incorporate clinical decisions made at critical points within automated processes. The addition of user tasks and full integration with a new document folder paradigm in DocuTrack make Logix more than a piece of software. Logix is a fully functional part of your pharmacy team.

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Eddie Buchanan Integra Closed-door, institutional, and long-term care pharmacy technology solutions; process improvement/automationEddie Buchanan
Years with Integra: 2
Expertise/Interests: Closed-door, institutional, and long-term care pharmacy technology solutions; process improvement/automation
Favorite Aspect of Working in Pharmacy: Employing creative solutions to improve patient care

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Logix harnesses the power of business process modeling (BPM) software specifically for use in closed-door, institutional, and long-term care pharmacies. The Logix team works directly with your staff to tailor your process to your exact needs, unifying all the systems you use. When the possibilities are endless, it can be hard to find a starting point.

Here are 10 challenges Logix business process modeling simplifies for pharmacies just like yours:

1. Managing refills requested too soon.

2. Tracking prior authorizations.

3. Obtaining refill authorization prior to cycle fill.

4. Triaging eRx orders, changes, and census messages

5. Notifying patient facilities or group homes of newly prescribed medications.

6. Ensuring compliance with drug regimen reviews.

7. Annotating documents with regulatory information for audit preparedness.

8. Following up on clarifications in a timely and efficient manner.

9. Resending failed faxes.

10. Ensuring timely deliveries of stat orders.

Logix Case Study: Tarrytown Expocare Pharmacy

Zach Corbell, Pharm.D., COO, and pharmacist in charge at Tarrytown Expocare Pharmacy Integra Logix Business Process Modeling
Zach Corbell, Pharm.D.

Zach Corbell, Pharm.D., COO, and pharmacist in charge at Tarrytown Expocare Pharmacy in Austin, Texas, summarized his experience with Logix this way:

“Tarrytown Expocare Pharmacy has been partnering with Integra’s Logix team over the past two years to implement various automation processes. Initially, we addressed the well-known challenge of sending refill requests and managing our follow-up process for those documents. The amount of time that single process saved allowed us to double the size of our business without adding additional staff. After realizing the benefits of that single automation implementation, we worked with the Logix team to develop other processes — from distributing ‘fax blast’ notifications to all our prescribers to creating a facility reference association database to drop pertinent custom field data onto our DocuTrack documents, which would not otherwise come across from our pharmacy processing system. The collaboration with Logix to make our pharmacy processes more efficient has been amazing.”

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