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RedSail Technologies, LLC Buys PioneerRx® and Becomes the Largest Community-Focused Pharmacy Network in the Country

RedSail Technologies, LLC has finalized the  purchase of PioneerRx, LLC.  With the addition of PioneerRx, RedSail Technologies, LLC creates one of the largest pharmacy networks in the country, with more than 9,000 pharmacies using one of its pharmacy management platforms.

The Technology Driving Success in 2021

For the final story of the year we asked vendors and pharmacies what they thought the key issues, technologies, and goals will be for the coming year, 2021. Despite what you might think based on a tumultuous and challenging 2020, there is a great deal of optimism for the coming year among technology vendors.

[VIDEO] Integra CDC COVID-19 Pharmacy Vaccine Weekly Updates

Integra has been running a weekly Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) COVID-19 Vaccine video series hosted by RedSail Technologies’ Richard Edmund, featuring RedSail Director of Pharmacy Professional Affairs Ed Vess, R.Ph., and OmniSYS Chief Innovation Officer David Pope, Pharm.D., CDE. Vess and Pope have been participating in weekly calls hosted by the CDC.

Independent Pharmacists Can Provide COVID-19 Vaccines

HHS has announced a partnership with two chain pharmacies to deliver COVID-19 vaccine options to LTC facilities. This partnership is not limited to only the two named pharmacy chains and, critically, facilities can also choose independent pharmacies as a provider for COVID-19 vaccinations.

Francisco Partners Acquires Smith Technologies and Rebrands as RedSail Technologies

Francisco Partners, a leading technology-focused growth equity firm, has completed its acquisition of Smith Technologies, a leader in pharmacy technology and public sector software, from J M Smith Corporation.

LTC: Weathering the Challenges

This year has resulted in unprecedented challenges for the long-term care industry. We surveyed the pharmacy stakeholders to see how they are responding with the assist of technology. Read on to see how the industry is weathering these challenges.

QS/1 and Integra Interface DeliveryTrack, SystemOne, and Point-of-Sale

QS/1 has developed a new interface to Integra’s DeliveryTrack for its SystemOne and Point-of-Sale systems. The company sees this as a game changer for community pharmacies trying to improve, or begin offering, delivery services.

Key Features that Power Pharmacy Workflow Efficiency

With pharmacies being busier than ever these days, we polled system vendors and users to find out which software feature or application used increases operating efficiency. From developing new workflows to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic to revising steps to meet new business demands and goals, from how automation can impact workflow to how to work with your vendor to fine tune your pharmacy operations – Here’s what we found.


Integra Offers A Suite Of Institutional Pharmacy Software Solutions: • Primecare®: Comprehensive Pharmacy Management • Docutrack®: End-To-End Workflow Solution • Deliverytrack®: Compliant Pharmacy Logistics • Logix®: Efficient Process Automation • Mevesi®: Intelligent Business Analytics • Integra Cloud Fax®: Secure Online Solutions • Secure Messaging: HIPAA Compliant Text & Email • Webconnect®: Secure Information SharingView the full listing to learn more.

Long-Term Care Pharmacy: Then and Now

Recently, while attending a long-term care (LTC) software vendor’s customer conference, one pharmacist lamented that everything out there seemed to be trying to keep...