Box of pharmaceutical drugs for pharmacy delivery

There are a variety of barriers to care that pharmacies can help patients overcome. For example, drug costs can be a significant barrier for millions of Americans. Pharmacists can address this barrier by working with prescribers to make appropriate substitutions of lower cost medications. Actually getting into the pharmacy to pickup prescriptions is another big impediment for many patients. Whether the trip to the pharmacy is long, the patients working hours make him or her unavailable during normal business hours, the patient is homebound, or for some other reason, a lack of adherence can come down to a simple inability to pick up prescriptions the patient is eager to have.

This is where prescription delivery services come in. Prescription delivery is an ideal way to ensure patients have access to their medications and, at the same time, to empower small businesses and independently-owned pharmacies to stay competitive in such a complex market. It’s also a great way to provide your customers with affordable and realistic prices for their medications. At ComputerTalk For The Pharmacist, we have gathered current trends in pharmacy delivery services and will give an inside look at the future of prescription delivery.

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Your Pharmacy Or A Digital Pharmacy?

Prescription delivery services are the best way to get your customers their prescriptions quickly and conveniently. Some patients are forced into using mail-order services or may choose to use one of the many digital pharmacy startups that offers delivery. In fact, if you Google prescription delivery you will find a slew of options for fast, often free prescription delivery and articles listing the best services for patients with different needs. Who isn’t listed? The community pharmacies many patients prefer to use.

And if a patient does decide to use a pharmacy they find on Google because because they need to get prescriptions delivered, they will almost certainly be missing the patient-pharmacist connection and high-level of personalized service from their community pharmacist that leads to optimal care.

The thing is that many community pharmacies already offer delivery, but patients may not realize it. The best solution for patient and pharmacy is to ensure both that you have the capabilities to offer reliable, regular prescription delivery services and that you are communicating effectively and regularly with patients about your delivery services. Whether this is with your own delivery drivers, through a partnership with a delivery provider, or by leveraging shipping services such as FedEx and UPS, prescription delivery offers a way for your pharmacy to ensure a high level of care for patients, potentially increase volume and save time.

Pharmacist placing prescriptions in boxes for pharmacy delivery

Less Cost, More Savings

Prescription delivery is definitely the wave of the future, and it’s essential for community pharmacies to find the right services to benefit their patients. By using the right combination of prescription delivery services, you can provide your customers with the best service and the highest levels of care, while maintaining a critical connection with patients in your community.

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Giving Patients Consistency

Consistency is key, especially when it comes to our health. The future of prescription delivery is only expected to increase. This means it’s time for community pharmacies to get on board and join in on the innovative changes being made for customers. One of the key benefits of prescription delivery is giving your customers a better chance of adhering to their regimen. When getting and paying for prescriptions is extremely difficult, oftentimes customers will give up on their regimen altogether and leave your pharmacy with the challenge of medication abandonment. When your pharmacy is able to offer a more robust set of services, better business is to follow. Work on incorporating prescription delivery services into your business to improve your standing in the market.

With the trend in pharmacy delivery services rising in customer use and consistency while lowering the price, community pharmacies should be looking for the newest delivery tools and services.