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Delivery Management

Key Features that Power Pharmacy Workflow Efficiency

With pharmacies being busier than ever these days, we polled system vendors and users to find out which software feature or application used increases operating efficiency. From developing new workflows to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic to revising steps to meet new business demands and goals, from how automation can impact workflow to how to work with your vendor to fine tune your pharmacy operations – Here’s what we found.


Integra Offers A Suite Of Institutional Pharmacy Software Solutions: • Primecare®: Comprehensive Pharmacy Management • Docutrack®: End-To-End Workflow Solution • Deliverytrack®: Compliant Pharmacy Logistics • Logix®: Efficient Process Automation • Mevesi®: Intelligent Business Analytics • Integra Cloud Fax®: Secure Online Solutions • Secure Messaging: HIPAA Compliant Text & Email • Webconnect®: Secure Information SharingView the full listing to learn more.