PrimeRx Adds Remote Payment and Signature

A new feature being introduced by PrimeRx allows for remote payment of prescription copays and capture of signatures to confirm delivery. Pharmacists can sign up and register to set up a credit-card account. They can then log into a website, type in the name of the patient, see all the prescriptions for that person, and then choose the prescription that needs a copay collection. The patient will have the option to pay the copay online and, if choosing to do so, a secure page will open where a credit card can be used for payment. The receipt can be emailed. This will then allow scheduling of deliveries once the copay is paid.

“With deliveries we have also addressed signature capture with COVID-19 distancing in place,” says Ketan Mehta, PrimeRx CEO. Here a text message is sent and the patient can click on the URL to see the prescription, sign for it, and click “Submit,” at which time the signature is saved in the PrimeRx system for that prescription. The ability to send the request for a signature is independent of the delivery process, so it can be used at any time.

This is seen as a solution to avoid putting pharmacy staff at risk.